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test by LolitaHime-sama test :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 2 0 Fleur de Lis Pattern by LolitaHime-sama Fleur de Lis Pattern :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 1 Line play - Gift for Al-san by LolitaHime-sama Line play - Gift for Al-san :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 3 0 Merenge - Fanart for puffellie by LolitaHime-sama Merenge - Fanart for puffellie :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 19 2 Moon - 23/04/2016 by LolitaHime-sama Moon - 23/04/2016 :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 0 Moon  - 10/04/2016 by LolitaHime-sama Moon - 10/04/2016 :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 0 My cat ::: Spirit - LolitaHime-sama by LolitaHime-sama My cat ::: Spirit - LolitaHime-sama :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 1 0 Spider 3 by LolitaHime-sama Spider 3 :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 0 Spider 2 by LolitaHime-sama Spider 2 :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 1 0 Spider 1 by LolitaHime-sama Spider 1 :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 0 Moon 3  - 21/03/2016 by LolitaHime-sama Moon 3 - 21/03/2016 :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 0 Moon 2 - 21/03/2016 by LolitaHime-sama Moon 2 - 21/03/2016 :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 0 Moon 1 - 21/03/2016 by LolitaHime-sama Moon 1 - 21/03/2016 :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 0 Candy ::: LolitaHime-sama by LolitaHime-sama Candy ::: LolitaHime-sama :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 5 0 Retro Memory - Violin by LolitaHime-sama Retro Memory - Violin :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 0 0 Testing Programs ::: Open Canvas by LolitaHime-sama Testing Programs ::: Open Canvas :iconlolitahime-sama:LolitaHime-sama 1 0


MMD padparadscha DL by fnafycreepypastas MMD padparadscha DL :iconfnafycreepypastas:fnafycreepypastas 16 7 46ZFH/!KDS8G?/ by King-Lulu-Deer 46ZFH/!KDS8G?/ :iconking-lulu-deer:King-Lulu-Deer 998 142 007 by royaIgems 007 :iconroyaigems:royaIgems 426 15 [Game Design] Princess's Bedchambers by aPixelPerfectionist [Game Design] Princess's Bedchambers :iconapixelperfectionist:aPixelPerfectionist 7 2
UTAU CV Japanese Reclist
I don't have an UTAUloid of my own, but I know that there are many people out there who want to make their own, and Japanese is one of the easiest to use in, not to mention the original language of, the UTAU software. This list of recordings are for consonant-vowel voicebanks of the Japanese language.
Main reclist:
a, i, u, e, o
ka, ki, ku, ke, ko
kya, kyi, kyu, kye, kyo
ga, gi, gu, ge, go
gya, gyi, gyu, gye, gyo
sa, shi, su, se, so
:icongrayoblivion:GrayOblivion 363 115
The UTAU Reclist Directory
If you find any more reclists, comment with links to them and I'll add them.
Languages are sorted in alphabetical order.
Arabic CV-VC Reclist by Tolomer
Includes pronunciation guide.
CVVC Mandarin Reclist LUNA-Style
Consists of CC, VV and VC recordings.
I don't know anything about this one as the page is entirely in Chinese.
Chinese LITE reclist by LyrieYumi
Dutch/Nederlands UTAU [Reclist CVVC] by Gintijd
Comes with pronunc
:icon1080p-lemonade:1080p-lemonade 13 7
Feet study 1 by Kate-FoX Feet study 1 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,171 31 [TDA] Ballerina Base Dl by AineLily [TDA] Ballerina Base Dl :iconainelily:AineLily 605 24 [Meiji Gahata] End of Rain [-Fairy-] by OcarinaLink24 [Meiji Gahata] End of Rain [-Fairy-] :iconocarinalink24:OcarinaLink24 16 2 [MMD] Luka Figure Pose Pack - DL by Snorlaxin [MMD] Luka Figure Pose Pack - DL :iconsnorlaxin:Snorlaxin 362 15
Fixing Common UTAU Errors
I'm just going to name the ones I can think of off the top of my head...if you come across another one let me know and I'll try to figure out how to fix it c:
Errors With Voice or UST
[!] exclamation points above notes
Unfortunately there's no quick and easy way to get rid of these, but so far this is the fastest way I know of:
1) click on note with [!] above it (it will turn pink if you don't have everything already selected)
2) push ctrl Y on your keyboard
3) past 'pre' and 'ovl' you'll see 3 buttons in a row in Japanese. Click the middle one.
4) hit ok
*This will get rid of that ONE exclamation point on that ONE'll need to do this w/ all notes that have exclamation points.
If that didn't work, do step one and two, but then drag the little red points around on the line until all points are not touching each other or are not vertical of each other.  Hit ok~
My Utau Won't Sing
if you highlight notes and hit play but there is
:iconblankinspace:BlankInSpace 136 51
UTAU [Screaming] Effect
UTAU Screaming:
Low, Hard Rock or ‘Screamo’:
In Mode 1, Set the note at a very low octave. Near C2-ish.
Add a high BRE number (90~100 ish?) and set the vibrato "backward" by right-clicking the note and clicking Pitch.
Zoom out. Then next to "Wave" (in English patched version), click the < arrow until the vibrato is very strong.
Also, add a very low C flag (low clarity) and a high H flag (high muffled-ness).
“Final Reason” Scream:
Simple way:
DL the Final Reason UST, open Final Reason01_s_teto.ust, set it to be your UTAU singing. Look at how the scream is done on that ust. Whenever you need a screamo bit in your songs, edit it the same way that is edited. ((Mode1 > Crazy manual pitch shifts > BRE 60 > h90 and g+5-30.))
Also, distort like hell when you're mixing to make it sound better.
Hard way:
DL the same ust and open it. Mess with the flags on it until it sounds good, export it into your UTAU's VB and frq it. Then use it when you need that in your song.
:iconsuperblanky:SuperBlanky 115 4
UTAU Flags
C = Clarity (higher number= stronger effect)
Y = Clarity (same as C? I’m not sure)
H = bass or muffled-ness (higher number= stronger effect)
b = Gravel? Voice (higher number= stronger effect)
t = Raise pitch; clear
g = Gender; (negative number = higher pitch; positive number= lower pitch)
X= flanger {I think} (higher number= stronger effect)
BRE= Breathiness
W= Kinda has an auto-tune-y, powerful effect
N= sounds like helium XD
Something like x100B0D30E30C25 can get a megaphone –type effect I think. May need some editing.
W and N together sound like 8-bit sounds.
E99h99x99BREc10 does… something?
:iconsuperblanky:SuperBlanky 309 144
[MMD] Girly Pastel Dresses DOWNLOAD by MijumaruNr1 [MMD] Girly Pastel Dresses DOWNLOAD :iconmijumarunr1:MijumaruNr1 1,007 60 2017 Sketchbook Collection by kawacy 2017 Sketchbook Collection :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,301 150
:new: Despite not having a PM to nicely edit this, too many people do not read anything that I'm going to edit this and just use the standard journal skin like who even cares anymore omg..
MOST IMPORTANTLY: I don't update this directory anymore. Please use this:
Feel free to follow that blog for updates. Do NOT request USTs on that blog NOR on this directory.
Requests (despite how I don't really take them anymore) can be made here if anything: UST Suggestions ['open']

Please credit in the description when using my USTs and feel free to link me your videos!
Other rules can be found on the blog I linked above.

Order: Name (with original song link @ YT) (original artist) (other information) (ust credits) (video) (dl) (MP3 of cover upon request)
NOTE: Basically all of my USTs are released in romaji CV even
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